What animal would your chronic illness be?

TDay 8: If your condition was an animal, what animal would it be? 

I initially was really excited about this one - but some of the chronic health problems I deal with (or people close to me deal with) are terrible things that I don't want to associate with any animal (I love all animals and don't think that's fair). My first thought was to assign a mythical creature to each one. Mythical creatures are super interesting and many have such complex backgrounds and characteristics that it just seems natural to link them with something as complicated as a chronic health problem. I jumped on Google and I Googled away for far too long and was still stuck behind a wall. I don't know if its the perpetual brain-fog I've been in or what- I mean, I had ideas, just nothing that made me go "Oh yes! That's it!". So, alas, that's my quandary. I do tend to over-think things and this could very well be one of those times. So I started to think about the real animal associations and figured that if I were to assign an animal, it wouldn't be the animal as the condition, but rather, the animal as a person with the condition. That is a way I can use real animals with out feeling terrible. So here's a working list of what I came up with. I still think this idea is really cool. So please, if anyone has any ideas, share them! I really want to incorporate not only the conditions that I suffer from, but the ones that those close to me suffer from as well.

Epilepsy: Mythical: Something celestial or elemental. Real: Firefly 

Eating Disorders: Mythical: Will 'o the Wisps. In European folklore, these lights are held to be either mischievous spirits of the dead, or other supernatural beings or spirits such as fairies, attempting to lead travelers astray  
Real: Hummingbird

Fibromyalgia: Mythical: ??? Real: ???

Dysautonomia/POTS: Mythical: Chimera or shape-shifter or the Hedley Kow  A very mischievous, but not dangerous, shape-changing boggart which used to plague the villagers of Hedley (North-umberland) by his many tricks (Henderson, 1866: 270-1). A farmer mistook him for his own horse, a milkmaid for her favourite cow, an old woman for a bundle of straw; in each case he caused unexpected trouble, and then vanished with a loud guffaw. He could even turn into the likeness of a girl, to trick her sweetheart into following him till he ended up knee-deep in a bog. Real: ??? 

Autism: Mythical: Unicorn - Everyone knows of them, but very few actually know them. Mysterious, illusive, and Pure. 
Real: ??? 

Cerebral Palsy: Mythical: ... total blank... Real: Coyote - Extremely clever and adaptable. Forms strong family bonds and is frequently misunderstood. 

So please, if you have any other ideas feel free to share them! Also, if you would like another condition represented on here that isn't, let me know! I would love to expand this! 

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