Everyday Blessings

On a good day I see my house hold in a positive, uplifting light: Children laughing, playing, growing, and loving. A family united, not divided. Caring and giving.

But the truth is that life engulfs us. The mundane chores of the everyday consume us and we soon forget how precious it all is. Even the tedious, tiring events become joyous when looked upon with fresh eyes. If it were all to end tomorrow I certainly would savor each of these moments. The things that usually leave me tired, haggard, and run down (or even bored) would be celebrated. I would realize that I take so much for granted because soon, it will all end. Then I shall long for those tiring, tedious, mundane events of yesterday. I must always remember this. Savor the moments. Be joyous in the everyday. In all of life's uncertainty, those everyday chores should be greeted with enthusiasm and counted as the blessings they are. 

My Mundane Everyday and The Joys That Accompany It

  •  Waking up hearing Kelly asking if she can get up yet. Then jumping on me saying "mama, get up!"
  •  Alex's big hugs and huge smile every morning when I go to get him out of bed
  •  The beautiful pitter-patter of tiny feet
  •  Sleepy toddler monologues
  •  Alex being "sneaky" and smirking as he gets into mischief 
  • How Kelly lights up when we have a "task" that needs to be accomplished and can not be done with out her her
  • Their love of animals
  • How they play with each other
  • Kisses, hugs, and noses for Daddy. Only Daddy.
  • Picking flowers in the yard
  • Saying "good night" to the moon and stars
  • The joy on their faces when Mike walks in the door after work
  • Washing their sippy cups and tiny silverware
  • Folding their adorable little cloths
  • Putting the blankets on them after they've fallen asleep
  • Laying with Kelly, reading while she holds my hand
  • Cuddling with Alex late at night , just the two of us
  • How much Alex enjoys bath time
  • How Kelly wants to be just like Mama
  • Kelly's little whiny plea of "Mama, hold me"
  • Alex's ability to just roll with Kelly's drama, and always finding the humor in her tantrum
  • Reading "Guess How Much I Love You" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
* Note: This was originally written in May 2012, so a lot of these things have changed... And I do miss them so very much. H

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