Emotional Break of The Day

I don't usually post this sort if thing on here, but I do feel very strongly about this and it has weighed on me so hard that I just needed an outlet. Please, rest assured, after this I will resume my normal topics :) 


I Just attempted to watch Blackfish... I got 12 minutes into it and had to turn it off. I had been so excited that this documentary was being made. Orcas have always been one of my absolute favorite animals. I was ecstatic about the attention it was getting. Finally! I had to see it!

After hearing more and more, I got a little more, and more nervous. Yep, my nerves were dead on. I. Can't. Watch. It. 

But I sure as hell can support it! 

As a kid, they were my favorite animal. They now hold the #2 spot, just beside my beloved wolves - which is really what Orcas are, the wolves of the sea. They have very similar social structures and hunting strategies. That's probably why I love them both so much. They are extremely intelligent, powerful, perfect preditors. 

What this film brings to light is ground breaking. And very much needed. It's just so, so horrible. So deplorably wrong. There aren't enough words to properly describe what happens when animals are used for entertainment. 

If anyone has ever gone to Sea World and saw a show, (I did when I was a kid. It was amazing.) Or, if anyone doubts the validity of the statements made against institutions like these, then please, PLEASE just TRY to watch Blackfish. I dare you. 

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