Advocacy Aspirations

Day 5 for the WEGO Health blog challenge is Aspirations. 

 We are supposed to write what our dream activism aspirations are. No limitations - money, time, health, or otherwise. We are told to dream BIG

Wow, no limitations? Really? That should make it easier, but it doesn't. I've become so used to my limitations that its hard for me to think outside of them. After a while, I started to grasp the idea and actually formed something - and through that "dreaming big" I was able to find things that were actually with in my limitations. Coolness. Identifying these aspirations helped me realize what I really want to advocate about and what isn't all that important to me. 

Chronic illness - yeah, I have them and they suck. I have battled them for years. Yet, I know so many other people who are doing an amazing job advocating for them that I don't really feel the need to (Living With Bob and Just Mildly Medicated, I'm talking about you!) That leaves me with EDs and special needs. These are equally important to me. I watched my family struggle to provide what my sister needed (wheelchairs, specialized therapy, modified housing and vehicles, etc) and I know how hard it is. My ED almost took my life. The fact that it was so heavily influenced by the chronic illnesses I faced made it much harder to be properly treated. My Advocacy Aspirations ED (in order from most realistic to Dream Big No Limitations)
  • Gain blog traffic
  • Meet other advocates
  • Be able to pay some bills with my blog
  • Link up with NEDA and participate in events and
  • Speak at events
  • Host an event
  • Link people together with organizations who can help
  • Help place people in treatment centers/ help fund their treatment (it's ridiculously expensive and most insurances don't cover them)
  • Start a charity or program of some kind
Special Needs (same order minus the "blog" stuff because, well, it's the same blog)
  • Raise awareness
  • Link families together with local resources and support networks - and through that, help families obtain those critical things that are so hard to get: wheelchairs, therapy, lifts, prosthetics, braces, etc.
  • Link families together with enrichment organizations/events (recreational, fun stuff)
  • Help my mom start her non-profit

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