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 I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, Hope and Coffee, and I saw that she did this "old school blogging" post. It looked pretty fun, and yeah, I needed something kind of fluffy to post (I admit it!). So I borrowed her template and here's what I got:

What where you doing 10 years ago?

Wow, OK, so "fluffy" isn't exactly going to happen as much as I thought... I just realized that 10 years ago I was as close to dead as you can get. I was a junior in high school. I had everything going for me: National Honor Society member, top 10 student ranking, Pipe Major in the pipe band (our town has a Pipes and Drums band -bagpipes- that competes internationally), soloist in the symphonic band (piccolo), tons of friends, AP classes, scholarships, etc. I was extremely healthy and fit. I only ate whole foods (way before the trend) and was a vegetarian. Then the floor fell out. I became very ill, very fast. With in 3 months I had dropped 30lbs (I was 4'11", so 30lbs is A LOT). The weight loss was largly due to an underlying medical condition that caused crippling pain whenever I ate anything. The doctors didn't know what was going on. By the time I had reached such a low weight, I had developed a full-fledged phobia of food. All I had to do was see food and my stomach felt like it was being stabbed. Everything that happened when I ate, I would suddenly feel. I was admitted to one of the country's best children's hospitals (All Children's Hospital in St.Pete, FL). At one point the doctors, along with a chaplain, pulled my parents aside into a conference room and told them that if they couldn't get me to eat with in 6 months, I would die (that's while being on a feeding tube, TPN, oxygen, etc.) Long story short less long, I was fighting for my life. I later acknowledge that I did have an eating disorder, but I also had a chronic medical condition. My eating disorder was ignited from the combination of that undiagnosed medical condition and my need (obsession) to stay healthy and fit. The later has just recently become recognised by the eating disorder community as orthorexia. So, in a nutshell (albeit a large nutshell) that's what was happening 10 years ago.

5 Things on your To-Do list
  1.  Keep kids entertained, engaged, learning, etc... Ugh, can't that be my 5?
  2.  Laundry
  3.  Write/Research
  4.  Make dinner
  5.  Clean snakes' cages and feed Opal
What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?

Can I count coffee? Because coffee is my favorite everything ;) OK, fine, I'll put down 5 actual foods - Chocolate (the darker, the better), fresh fruit, pretzels, Luna Bars, raw veggies.

Name one thing you would do if you were a millionaire? Pay off our debt! Pay off my parents' deb, my mother-in-law's, and my Yia Yia's too. Fix our house in NC so someone will actually buy it (shoot, at this point it would be just so someone would actually want to sell it) and buy one here so my parents can have their house back. Savings! Donate!

Name some places you have lived: My husband and I both grew up in Dunedin, FL. When we were dating he became a US Marine in 2004 and was stationed in Jacksonville, NC. We married right after his training ended and lived there for 8 years. Although, the 8 years were broken up with deployments. During long deployments I moved back to FL due to medical reasons. My hubby just ended his tour in the Corps and we are settling back in Dunedin. So if anyone knows anyone who wants to hire an honorably discharged Marine for more than part-time (you know, so we could actually pay our bills), that would b awesome ;)

Name some bad habits you have: Checking (more info here), not resting when my body says it needs to rest -but seriously how can I when I have tons of stuff I need to do? Always being sick is sooo annoying! Am I right? You know I am.

Name some places you have worked: I have had several jobs over the years, but they all ended ether by hospitalizations or moving. Some of those jobs/places would be: Gymnastics coach (I was a gymnast for 10 years), Victoria's Secret, and Neilsen (market research). I was also in school for a chunk. I've done a little freelancing here and there, but now I'm a SAHM.

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