Friday Fluff

Friday Fluff

I would live on coffee, dark chocolate, and red wine if I could.

Dogs shed only twice a year - the first half, and the second half.

 Always make more food than you intend to eat because no mater what it is, the little ones are going to wan some. If you already have it made, it just saves time/effort.

 Even with my allergies raging, I would rather be outside than stuck in the house - I mean, that's what inhalers are for, right?
There is a very fine line between the amount of coffee needed to function and the amount that will cause you to be up half the night. -and also- How much coffee does it take to equal the energy of a 3 year old? The world will never know.                      

 If you give a Kelly a cookie, she's going to ask for a glass of milk... When given the chance, my husband WILL embarrass me.

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