Childhood Wonder

Children are full of genuine curiosity. They are so eager to learn. If nothing else, I want to seize this opportunity and to instill values in my children whilst keeping their insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth intact. I'm still not sure how I will accomplish such a feat, but lets just assume that I can. My wish for them:

  • A love of books
  • Respect for their elders
  • Kindness
  • Always fight for what they believe in
  • Seek the truth
  • Question everything
  • Follow their instincts
  • Speak for those who can not
  • Be advocates
  • Respect all living creatures
  • Know that all animals are innocent, just like children
  • Humanity is flawed, be humble
  • Create
  • Do not restrain your imagination
  • Try not to judge before knowing all the facts
  • The Earth is precious, don't waste her resources
  • Always help when you can, but do not feel guilty when you truly can't
  • Do not let guilt run your life
  • Do not let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a part of who you become

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